GPRSIM c.1992-2008 - Ground Penetrating Radar Simulation - is a forward modeling interactive software package for Windows that is designed specifically for simulating radargrams collected with a ground penetrating radar instrument. Since the user specifies many instrument design features in the software, radargrams collected from a variety of commercially available systems can be easily simulated.

A partial list of the features contained in the GPRSIM Software is:

The GPRSIM Software is all interactively controlled using specially designed menus that are easy to operate using the mouse, and are visually easy to comprehend.

The GPRSIM Software is a unique ray tracing software package in that the user can describe the model structures and interface slopes using shape functions, allowing for continuous or infinite measurement of model structural/slope information.

A published reference describing the theory used in GPRSIM along with applications of GPRSIM in engineering to archaeology is given in Goodman 1994 (GEOPHYSICS, February).

One of the distinctive advantages of using GPRSIM Ground Penetrating Radar Simulation Software, is that the antenna design and aperture size are considered in the synthetic calculations. In the GPRSIM Software, the effective area of a particular radar antenna is incorporated into the ray traced radargram. Aperture effects can cause what is uniquely identified as “aperture dispersion”. GPRSIM can provide the researcher the most accurate full waveform prediction code based on exact ray tracing, in a easy to use programming interface.


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