GPR-SLICE is interactive software for processing and creating images of ground penetrating radar reflection data. GPR-SLICE integrates radargram profiles taken over a survey grid to produce horizontal time slice maps of radar anomalies in the ground. Time slice maps can effectively show the size, shape, location, and depth of buried targets. Subtle reflection features that are indistinguishable between adjacent radargram profiles can be imaged and detected on time slice maps created from 3D volume datasets.
Several publications (Novo et al., 2008, 2010, 2011; Goodman et al., 2008, 2004, 1995; Piro et al., 2003; Conyers and Goodman, 1997) discuss the processes involved in making GPR-Slice images from GPR data. Time slice maps of GPR data have greatly improved the quality and utility of this relatively new geophysical tool for a variety of applications.

GPR-Slice provides a complete and single software package that interfaces directly with raw radar field data, processes the raw data, and creates a multitude of possible image presentations. A few of the main features of GPR-Slice Software are:

GPR-Slice was developed for need to have a comprehensive but easy way to quickly process the enormous amounts of radargrams collected in the field. GPR-SLICE makes it possible to quickly obtain 3D images of radargram profiles right in the field.
Sites the size of 20m by 20m collected at 0.5 meter interval can have complete time slice analysis done in less than 20 minutes, making on site evaluations accessible and easy. Trajectory renderings and 3D volume displays are easy to create within GPR-SLICE allowing for animated movies of progressive transparent renders as well as a multitude of 3D displays.

Most importantly, GPR-Slice is a user's software. The future directions of the developments in the software come from user's input. Many of features in GPR-SLICE are a result of interaction with other users that needed specific controls for their GPR datasets.

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