Successful cases

Multi-channel systems

In the last few years multi-channel systems have become a revolution in the GPR market because of their velocity of data acquisition and high-resolution images. Here we present the Stream X (IDS of Italy) during a field demo in Charleston (South Carolina).

gpr-slice at charleston

The group SOING-Geostudi regularly uses GPR-Slice for processing this type of data sets.

Architecture of historical buildings in Barcelona

High-requency antennas were used to map hidden structures behind the walls of St. Pau hospital (Barcelona). Distinct imaging (i.e., isosurfaces and thin cuts) created within GPR-Slice show the hidden structures.

gpr-slice at st pau

[Images made by SOT Prospecciò and presented at the kind permission of SAPIC]

Laser scanner+GPR

Land Air Surveying and Underground Imaging Solutions are now using GPR-SLICE exported 3D volumes and merging them with their proprietary 3D laser scaning images.

Overlay analysis

An overlay process is available in GPR-SLICE Software to enhance structures which may be at different depth levels across a site.
At the 6th century AD Kofun #100 burial at the Saitobaru National Mounds in Miyazaki Prefecture, a GPR survey in conjunction with the Hiromichi Hongo and Noriaki Higashi, with the purpose to rediscover a moat surrounding the site was done. Excavations were unable to detect the shape of the moat. GPR-SLICE images using overlay analysis of images at various levels in the ground was able to accurately determine the shape of the moat (case B) indicating that the burial was constructed at least 50 years earlier than once thought.

gpr-slice at saitobaru

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